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Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, also known as “Shrooms,” have several benefits. There is still research going on to help in maximizing the benefits of this plant. For a long time now, psilocybin that is found in magic mushrooms has been used to treat a wide range of behavioral disorders. The following are some surprising benefits of magic mushrooms.

Treating Addictions

mushrooms growingIf you suffer from drug addiction such as cocaine, magic mushrooms can help you. This is from research done by Amanda Feilding investigating psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to overcome nicotine addiction.

Patients struggling with alcohol addiction showed drastic change within one week of psilocybin dose. It is claimed that magic mushrooms potentially change bad habits and make changes in their lives.

Enhancing Creativity

The compound psilocybin found in magic mushrooms boosts creativity at the time of consumption and days ahead. They give a high that has a creative output of psychedelic art and psytrance music and invoke imagery sounds. The interpretation of the hallucinations, feelings, and perceptions are responsible for creativity.

Treating Depression

Using the psychedelic compound psilocybin, researchers are working hard to develop a treatment for depression. Studies done before have shown that psilocybin therapy can improve and reduce depression.

A study done on 19 patients supported that there was stability in a part of the brain associated with depression. In some cases, the results showed to have improved the symptoms permanently.

Enhancing Mood

After consuming magic mushrooms, many users claimed to be in a good mood. They have a feeling of compassion and more openness. Deep emotional revelations that enhance the mood are also felt.

In research, it was found that a high dose of psilocybin increases openness. Although magic mushrooms will not fix all your mental issues, it will definitely stimulate your mood and internal feelings.

Improving Mental Health

The compound psilocybin increases the neuro connectivity by stimulating the receptors in the brain. The connectivity heals all types of brain traumas. A study done on Iraq soldiers when they returned home showed that micro-dosing of psilocybin helped them counter post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The compound is responsible for doing cognitive alterations in the brain. Therefore connective parts of the brain do not communicate and allowing them to work effectively. Psilocybin has proven to reduce anxiety in people even after a single dose.

mushrooms for healing

Changing Personality

It enhances someone’s attitude towards new changes. This is a result of imagination, hallucinations, and the creative aspect. The effect on personality can last longer, according to the study. Many people reported having a personality change after taking magic mushrooms due to relaxation and open-mindedness.

A study that measured how psilocybin affects five personalities, which includes; openness, agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. It was found that it increases openness when taken on a high dose.…